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Handmade Sterling Silver Floral Locket | Snowdrop Flower | Photo Locket | Prayer Locket | Remembrance Jewelry

Handmade Sterling Silver Floral Locket | Snowdrop Flower | Photo Locket | Prayer Locket | Remembrance Jewelry

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Handmade Floral Locket in Sterling Silver.

A vintage style photo locket for one picture/photo, this pivot locket would be perfect for layering or can stand on its own.

My intention with this design was that it would have an antique or fairytale feeling to hide your most sentimental treasures.

Snowdrops are associated with many folktales of old and symbolize new beginnings and hope.

100% artisan-made jewelry locket -- not a mass-produced, machine-made locket. Instead, this a truly special and unique piece.

Handcrafted quality from raw Sterling Silver (100% recycled) makes this a treasured heirloom gift or why not treat yourself?

The lid of the locket pivots/slides to the side to reveal what's hidden inside. Perhaps, a photo, secret treasures, a motivational quote, or even medical information.

• Locket is for one picture - 27mm or 1" wide; 35mm or 1 3/8" long {not including ring bail, which adds 6mm to length}; thickness 4mm
• Style: Fairytale Vintage-style Snowdrop Flower
• Material: Sterling Silver
• Finish: Brushed-oxidized

  1. Locket Only (no chain or leather)
  2. Leather (3mm wide) with Sterling Silver hook clasp
  3. Leather (5mm wide) with Sterling Silver hook clasp
  4. Sterling Silver Chain (2.4mm) with Sterling Silver Hook Clasp
  5. Lengths to choose from: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24"
  6. Custom options for face of locket design -- see below for details

How it works:

  • The locket has a pivot hinge, and you open it by pushing the lid to the side.
  • The picture is held by frame-ring that fits in the locket.
  • To change the picture, slide the lid to the side, take out the frame-ring, put your picture in, put the frame-ring back in.
  • You will receive a wooden tool that you can use to remove and replace the frame-ring.
  • Please note: My personal/professional recommendation is that you do not cut down an original photo but instead a printed copy (to preserve the original photo)

Custom option: I'd love to create a locket for you or your special person with your preferred flower, animal, or gemstone. Contact me and we can chat about it.

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