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Maple Leaf and Garnet Earrings | Sterling Silver Convertible Earrings

Maple Leaf and Garnet Earrings | Sterling Silver Convertible Earrings

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Do you love all things autumn or know someone who does?  I think these are the ultimate fall earrings and what a great gift for fans of forestcore or naturecore.

These earrings have so many magical details:

  • They are convertible -- the reddish-orange hessonite garnet dangles can be easily removed from the ear wires on the back. So they can be worn as shown in the photos, with or without the garnet dangles, for two different looks.
  • There is a peek-a-boo crescent moon cutout behind the garnet stones. The photos show this magical detail which can be seen glowing in the stones or from behind.
  • The kidney-shaped ear wires are permanently attached (soldered) to the back and have simple hooking closures behind the leaf to keep the earrings and dangles secure.
  • Approximate weight with dangles is 3.5g each
  • Who says we can't enjoy a little autumn all of the time?

Truly unique and definitely one-of-a-kind. 

Want a necklace to wear them with?  I've got just the one and you can see it in the last photo -- also available in this collection.

More Details:

  • Leaf earrings without the dangles measure 1 1/4" long (32mm) & 3/4" wide (18mm)
  • Leaf earrings with gemstone dangles measure 1 7/8" (49mm) & 3/4" wide (18mm)
  • The pear-shaped hessonite garnet is a faceted stone (rose cut) and depending on the light and viewing angle it can look red, orange, or brown.  It's also called the cinnamon stone.
  • The back of the dangles have a magical crescent moon cutout.
  • Has an oxidized finish in the recesses with brushed bright front/backs
  • 100% Handmade


  • The maple leaf shape symbolizes balance, love, longevity and abundance. It also speaks of success, generosity and practicality.
  • Hessonite garnet is associated with success.  It is thought to offer the wearer a sense of confidence, stability, & positive energy in their lives.
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